(y)Our Stories: The Reader

Would you like to tell me a story? (Vil du gerne fortælle mig en historie?)

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To help you create your story please select 3 figurines from the suitcase. When prompted place the requested figurine on the cutting mat. Once this information has registered you will be prompted to write a short story about these figurines. Stories will be collated and shared with other storytellers as part of my research.

Cj O'Neill

Tell your story

Step 1: Please select first of three figurines and place on the mat

Figurine 1.

Figurine 2.

Figurine 3.

Maximum length: 500 words

If you would like to be kept informed of future developments with the project please leave your email address. | Hvis du ønsker at blive holdt underrettet om den fremtidige udvikling med projektet bedes du forlade din e-mailadresse.

Thank you so much for your contribution. | Tak så meget for dit bidrag.

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